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21 december 2005

Bye bye Ecademy

EcademyEnkele dagen terug kreeg ik de onderstaande mail.

Dear B.

I'm sorry to see you are unable to continue with your Ecademy *GreenStar Member service, it may well be an issue with our payment partners - please do contact our membership support services at support@ecademy.com where we will make every effort to re-assign your services as quickly as possible if appropriate.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the Network, I would be very grateful for your feedback on your experiences of our services to ensure we continue to provide value to you, please do contact me at support@ecademy.com with your thoughts and comments.

Thanks once again for your contribution - I hope to hear from you very shortly to either re-instate your *GreenStar Member status and/or listen to your feedback.

Best regards,

Membership Support
Ecademy - Connecting Business People

Ik had geen voorafgaandelijke mail gekregen. Ik heb support@ecademy.com gevraagd of het normaal was dat ik vooraf geen verwittiging van het aflopen van mijn proefabonnement gekregen heb. Ze gingen het nakijken ...

EcademyIk had enkele dagen daarvoor wel een boodschap gekregen waarin promotie gemaakt werd voor het Blackstar Life Membership. Dit komt wel neer op eenmalig € 4500. Mijn werkgever zie ik dit niet onmiddellijk betalen en zelf zie ik dit ook niet zitten. Ik zal dus voorlopig maar guest member blijven.

When Ecademy launched BlackStar Life Membership it was a big step into the unknown for us and the first members. It was live R&D. Now, just over a year later, with almost 200 members, we can say with certainty: BlackStar works.

It's not just the emotional support, friendship and expertise that's freely given. New business partnerships have been formed and others are in the works. Even some of the sharpest critics of the concept have recognised that good things are happening in BlackStar. It's a growing group of people who are serious about winning by sharing, serious about their business and serious about developing their potential.

If you would like to join BlackStar Life Membership this year at the current one-time fee of 3000 sterling or 4500 euros or 5000 dollars (payable in a lump sum or in instalments over a year), please go to http://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&op=join&c=2030 and apply.

From January 1st 2006 the one-time fee rises to 4000 sterling or 6000 euros or 7000 dollars once again also payable over 12 months.

Please call me on +44 7886 545112 to answer any questions you may have or to begin the selection process click here to apply.

Stuart Harris
Co-Leader BlackStar Life Membership


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